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tips and tricks for going zero waste at music festivals

Travelling to and from the festival itself, waste management of everything taken and discarded at the festival, food and drink consumption, electricity and power grids, disruption to local wildlife, damage to the land …there are a lot of worries to be had about the environmental damage being done by festivals in this country! However, it’s not all doom and gloom so here are some tips for keeping your festival experience sustainable, eco friendly and low waste. 

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12 ways to save money by going green

A common stereotype about green living is that it can be a very expensive way to live. And while that’s not explicit untrue (there are definitely ways to spend money while going green!) it really doesn’t have to cost you loads of cash. Budget friendly living can, and often does, go hand in hand with eco friendly living. Here’s a little list of ways to save money and live a little greener.   ============   Wanna read more: Why we should all be recycling less The biggest zero waste mistake people make Low impact vs zero waste 

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