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6 zero waste valentine’s day gift ideas

I know Valentine’s Day is a bit of a Marmite holiday - you either love it or you hate it! But I’m not here to tell you how to feel  about the day. Instead I’m here to offer up some low-and-zero waste ideas for those of you who will be participating in this day of love!

Hand make a card

I don’t care how old you are - a homemade card is a thoughtful gesture that will be appreciated! Use any crafty bits you have lying around, like old newspapers and magazines, and let your creativity fly. Try your hand at writing a poem - now that's romantic!

A potted plant

Skip the out of season rose purchase and ask your local plant shop owner to help you pick out something that will last much much longer. Top points if it's a locally grown plant as well - gotta watch that carbon footprint. 

Buy a membership

There are so many to choose from, so go with something that you and your partner will both enjoy. For example, the National Trust, a joint membership to your local cinema, or a museum membership or all great ideas that will keep giving all year long. 

Make them something sweet

Skip the overpackaged box of chocolates and the Tangfastics in flimsy unrecyclable plastic (sob). Put in the work yourself - a batch of cookies, their favourite granola, or simple chocolate peanut butter cups (made in reusable silicon molds) are all quick to whip up.

Bulk candy in small jars

If you're dedicated to your sweetie's sweet tooth, you can still have sweets for the holiday - but go to your closest pick n’ mix with a glass jar to keep it zero waste.

Keep it quiet and simple

This one is the cheapest, easiest, and most environmentally friendly of them all. My suggestion? Turn off the TV, put the phones away, light some candles, and make a meal together with no distractions. The environment will thank you, and a nice quiet night in can do a lot of good for all sorts of relationships!

So how about you? I’d love to hear your zero waste Valentine’s Day ideas! Share them below.



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