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"give back friday" at worthwhyle

Being a new business, and a retail one at that, I knew that there would be pressure to do ….things.... around Black Friday. In fact my shop is run through Shopify, which automatically started pushing a countdown to “Black Friday Cyber Monday” in mid-October every time I logged in - a constant reminder that we are nearing the time of year when the name of the game is “spend spend spend”!

But I’m not particularly into that. And just because I have a shop now doesn’t mean I want to become like that. Buying things just to buy them - and alternatively, pushing people to buy things they don’t need - just doesn’t match up with my ethos as a person, and now as a business.

So I’ve spent the past few weeks wracking my brain trying to think of what I would do instead. And to be honest I didn’t even come up with this idea - my husband Jon did. But I love it and I’m really excited to try it out for Worthwhyle. Hopefully you’ll like it too.

So what’s the idea?

Give Back Friday!

A weekend where you pay MORE for what you buy. And then the extra goes to charity.

My goal for Give Back Friday is twofold:

Firstly, to remind people that Black Friday is a daft occurrence, thought up by shops to shift more disposable products, probably wrapped in plastic, and as it’s become more and more popular manufacturers are pumping out lower and lower quality goods in order to provide headline-grabbing prices.

Secondly, a reminder that if you’re out there spending money on such a capitalistic holiday, you can probably spend a bit more and help out those with less. We aren’t entitled to low prices and excess everywhere we turn, you know? And where we shop and how we spend our money really matters!

Maybe it’ll work. Maybe it’ll drive everyone away (oops!). But at the very least if people decide to shop in my store over the Black Friday long weekend - the whole week between Thursday November 22nd and the morning of Tuesday November 27th, inclusive of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday-  I will add 10% to all product prices. And when the weekend ends, that 10% will be donated to charity. The charity (or possibly, charities) hasn’t been chosen yet, as I will leave that up to my followers on Instagram, but I’ve got a few in mind that I would like everyone to vote on - including the Brighton Women's Centre, Seahaven Wildlife Rescue, The Clock Tower Sanctuary, and The Hummingbird Project

I do hope people will participate! Worse comes to worst, people can avoid shopping at Worthwhyle over that shopping weekend and all will return to normal on Wednesday November 28th! So just a little patience will be in order.

So what do you think, dear readers? Will you join me this Anti Black Friday and do a bit more for charity with your shopping money? I’d love to have you!  





  • Ashley

    Hi Hayley – yes, that’s true. But that’s always going to be true! At the end of the day, the Black Friday weekend is only 3 days. If someone still wants to shop at cheaper prices from Worthwhyle, they can come before or after this little experiment. This is more aimed at people who are already planning on shopping that day and spending money. I would hope that people aiming to transition to a lower waste lifestyle wouldn’t be put off by one little shop having a black friday event for just a few days! Thank you for reading! x

  • Haley

    I think in spirit this idea is great — especially for those who can afford to give a little extra. I also believe your heart is in the right place. But as is, choosing to be wastefree (I.e. purchasing your products to start) is already a luxury. It is not cheap, it is often not affordable. Which I understand! Items that last longer and take more care to make inevitably must cost more, but I think this (good in theory!) idea will only push people trying to transition to waste free living away from doing so if they’re already financially extending themselves to do good. Just a different perspective to consider! Cheers x

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