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5 simple non-toxic DIY cleaner recipes

There are plenty of reasons to make the switch to a more low key cleaning routine in your home. Whether your personal reasons are based on saving money, protecting the health of those you live with, or just minimising the number of products you have taking up space under the sink - here are 5 simple recipes to help you get started. 

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The best apps that I love to use for zero waste living

An armful of tasty veg, a new and incredibly useful kitchen appliance and a happy little plant friend! What a winning day right? And it got me thinking about the variety of ways that I use the internet or apps on my phone to get things I need (or, let’s be honest) want, without running out and buying something brand new.

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The 5 Rs of Sustainability

If you focus on taking smaller steps in your everyday life, and keep this hierarchy in mind, you will find that you produce drastically less waste. Just being mindful about the things we purchase and take into our homes and lives can really be a catalyst to recognising how much we DON’T need.

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