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elephant finger puppet
elephant finger puppet

elephant finger puppet

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Your child's finger turns into the elephant's trunk in this simple finger puppet printed on recycled elephant dung paper! (So meta!) A great party favour for your next kiddy birthday party. 


Card: manufactured using 75% UK post consumer waste and 25% dung from the Sri Lankan elephant. The dung is collected, cleaned up and turned into pulp by the local Sri Lankan population, and 5% of all profits are reinvested back into the country, to provide skills training, local employment, education, and other support to the villagers.  The card itself is treated using non-chlorine methods to remove all bacteria, and is manufactured in the UK, using the heritage steam-driven 'Fourdrinier' machine at Frogmore Mill. The world's first mechanised paper-making machine dating back to 1895, and still in use today!

Clear packaging is made of corn/potato starch and fully biodegradable and compostable.

Packaging: Card slip is made from recycled stock and is fully recyclable, clear sleeve is made from corn/potato starch and is bio-degradable and compostable.

Recommended age: 3+

Hand Made in Britain by The Paper Party Bag Shop