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Savon de Marseille soap block
Savon de Marseille vegan soap block

marseille olive soap block

Large blocks of this iconic olive oil based soap have been crafted in the South of France for hundreds of years. As with champagne and other regional French specialities, in 1688 it became law that only soaps made according to strict, ancient methods could be marketed as Savon de Marseille.

This soap is made with 72% olive oil, mixed in the traditional manner using a copper cauldron in Marseille. Naturally biodegradable Savon de Marseille is very kind to dry or sensitive skin, although anyone can use it. It's hard wearing too; depending on your usage, a single Marseille soap block can last months.

A great plastic-free alternative to washing-up liquid

This is a very versatile product, so don't feel like it's only for handwashing. In France it is used for all sorts - washing linens and other laundry, in the shower for face, body and hair, in the kitchen as a substitute for washing up liquid, and even as toothpaste!

If you're planning to use your Savon de Marseille block in the kitchen, don't forget one of out our compostable dish brushes.

You can slice this 300g block into separate smaller bars although you may prefer to leave the large block intact as it's so beautiful on your worktop!

Ingredients: Sodium olivate (Olive Oil), Sustainably sourced Sodium palmate (palm oil) aqua, sodium cocoate (Coconut Oil), sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide.

Weight per block: 300g

No parabens, no fragrances, no colourings, no EDTA. Biodegradable and economical.