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about worthwhyle

Worthwhyle was started because we all have purchasing power, and what’s the point of using that power by buying ethical products from an inherently unethical retailer? 

I wanted to provide a shop for sustainable, eco-friendly living that reflected what I wanted to find when I was doing the shopping myself. I found that I would do my research on whatever thing I was looking for - a wooden dish brush, some vegan bar soaps, a simple linen bento bag - and then when it came time to actually make the purchase, the best option was either:

  1. Going to a massive, monolithic online distributor we’ve all used, or
  2. Making a variety of separate purchases from a number of different stores or Etsy shops, and paying for shipping from all of them. (Bad for the environment and more expensive, to boot!)

With the idea that it would be lovely if British consumers had the option to use a single online shop for purchasing a variety of low waste, cruelty free, and plastic free home goods, I started Worthwhyle. 

I work with a lot of small businesses and like-minded makers who are doing fantastic things and creating gorgeous eco-friendly products because it's what they truly care about! Most of them are based in the UK, although some come from farther afield.  

My hope is that this space makes it easier for you to live an intentional, more sustainable lifestyle, by purchasing from a store that aligns with your values from start to finish.

about me

ashley sheets owner of worthwhyle