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organic cotton produce bag
organic cotton produce bag

organic cotton produce bag

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Made by the delightful Tabitha Eve in Wales, these 100% organic cotton drawstring produce bags come in three sizes.

Benefits of using these lovely bags:

Lightweight, meaning you won't be charged extra at the till
Airy, which prevents produce from going to rot as quickly
Washable and reusable

These produce bags are great to bring to the grocery store, farmer's market, or bulk store. It's easy to slip a couple in your purse so you always have one handy, and they can be used for fruits and vegetables as well as lentils, beans, nuts, or grains.

We stock three sizes to suit your needs:
Small: 14cm x 22 cm (1litre capacity)
Large: 24cm x 32cm (3litre capacity)
X Large:  30cm x 47cm (8litre capacity)