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reusable kitchen towel
reusable kitchen towel

reusable kitchen towel

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These "unpaper towels" are handmade by Charlotte of The Crafty Baker in Harborough, England. 

They're made from organic cotton and are ideal to replace paper kitchen towel. They are absorbent enough to do a variety of kitchen tasks, from mopping up spills, to draining washed fruit and vegetables. Use them just like you would any other kitchen roll! 

Other details:

  • Single ply
  • 24cm square
  • Natural (unbleached)

Each set includes 5 unpaper towels made of unbleached cotton.

All fabric is pre-washed to minimise shrinkage when you first wash them - this also helps increase absorbency.

Wash at 30 or cooler and hang to dry. They can be washed at 60 if they need to be freshened up, but there shouldn't be any need to do this regularly.