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wildflower seeds

wildflower seeds

Give your guests an eco-friendly thank you gift at your party so they can help save the bees by planting a little wild flower meadow when they get home!

The papers are sourced from a UK paper mill and are 100% recycled and printed with eco friendly inks. The design is from an original Ovo Bloom hand drawn illustration and exclusive to The Paper Party Bag Shop.

Every envelope has been sewn using a vintage sewing machine.

Seeds included: Tansy Red campion, White clover,Burnet, Black medic, Ribwort plantain Birdsfoot trefoil, Sainfoin, oxeye daisy, Field poppy Corncockle, forage rye,corn chamomile, cowslip white mustard, wild carrot meadow buttercup, hedge bedstraw, chicory, sheep's parsley bitter blue lupin, self heal, borage, weld, yellow rattle vetch, betony, wild teasel, foxglove Achillea, Adonis, Agrostemma, Bellis White, Centaurea cyanus, Chrysanth leue , Coreopsis time, Cynoglossum, Delphinium, Lupin, Myosotis, Nigella, Papaver, Rhoeas, Phacelia, Reseda, Silene, Borage, Calendula

Please note - No seed is guaranteed to germinate from any seller, supplier or plant. Nature and care add many variables to growing any plants from seed therefore we can not be responsible for Mother Nature and what you might or might not grow. Colours and sizes of plants will also vary.

Please note it is illegal to  export seeds outside of the EU. If you are outside the EU do not add these to your shopping basket. Each envelope measures 10cm x 10cm.

Materials: Recycled papers, eco friendly inks, wildflower seeds

Recommended age: 3yrs

Hand Made in Britain by The Paper Party Bag Shop