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wooden hairbrush vegan plastic free
wooden hairbrush vegan plastic free

wooden hairbrush with extra long maple pins

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It can be hard to find long lasting hairbrushes made from natural fibres rather than just metal and plastic. However, I've done the research and found some amazing options for the vegan and plastic free among us!

Especially handcrafted for long and thick hair, this large, traditional oval hairbrush has extra long maple pins and is made from waxed beechwood with a gently contoured, flat wooden handle. 

Set with 9 rows of long, straight, maple, maple 'pins' (which are anti-static as well as hardly absorbing any heat during blow drying) the brush measures 23 cm long.

All Redecker hairbrushes are hand crafted from natural materials, and designed and developed in Germany, where Redecker have been making quality brushes since 1935. Most of their collection is manufactured at the Redecker workshops, although some items require specialist manufacturing processes in other parts of the world.

With over 80 years experience in brush making, the family owned business continues to work using traditional methods and natural materials sourced from across the globe.